On the verge of writer’s block, Tom discovers Paul Krugman

The Blog is dedicated to the premise that there are greater fools even than tom.  However recently, the cast of reliable fools: Obama, Lohan, Gibson, Clintons, Morsi, Murbarak, Gadaffi, Holland, and  Chavaz have been so low key (for them) that Tom figured that he was developing writer’s block (Tom you fool for you that is being blocked from writing not writer’s block.

But riding to the rescue in none other that Princeton Professor  and New York Times “house” economist Paul Krugman.  All have been cautions to always refer to him as Nobel Prize Winning economist Paul Krugman.  Since he won the prize in 2008, he has talked non-stop on how the government can get more of your money.  But wait, the old fool Krugman’s Nobel was for explaining patterns of trade economics of scale and consumer preferences.  Consequently he is probably as qualified as the average TomVille State University graduate in public policy budgeting.

Anyway in his latest rant he dumps on Paul Ryan for lack of specifics while praising Obama for budget cuts that could take effect after 2016 when he is in retirement.

Thank you Paul Krugman, I’ve got my mojo back.

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2 Responses to On the verge of writer’s block, Tom discovers Paul Krugman

  1. Dude, you missed an easy one. Berlusconi’s back, baby! He’s gonna run for PM next year. Bunga-bunga can’t be far behind! 😀

    • tom says:

      I was thinking about editing in the growth agenda of Holland in France when you het me with the elephant in the Room, the return of Berlusconi, Italy’s answer to Bill Clinton. The man is ooxzing potential.

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