Separated at Birth – Dr. Strangelove and Kim Jung Tom

With the successful launch of a North Korean Ballistic Missile to launch a satellite, Dear Leader and cosmetology Icon and re-inventor of the high top fade Kim Jong Eun has given rise to speculation that he and Dr. Strangelove were separated at birth.

Dr. Strangelove did offer up a mild protest saying “I would never settle for that haircut”.


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5 Responses to Separated at Birth – Dr. Strangelove and Kim Jung Tom

  1. Not sure if Dr. Strangelove would be the right comparison. Given that (in official announcements I’ve heard) the satellite is “wobbling” in its’ orbit, you might want to go with Sigmund Freud. A cigar might sometimes be a cigar, but this is the biggest case of rocket envy I’ve seen since Saddam’s Scuds! (And yes, I’ve heard of Syria’s possible use of Scuds, as well. Can’t keep a good WMD down! 😀 )

    • tom says:

      This “wobbling” story is so obviously Obama Administration propaganda. If it should fall. Kim prefers hat it land in Hyde Park and miss all the chicago barbar shops. Us dictatoprs do like our missiles. We are testing the El Al Tom tomorrow.

  2. rebecca2000 says:

    I think he is related to Gargamel myself.

  3. Cosmetology icon. . .teehee

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