A senseless Tom opines on senseless violence

Now that every possible talking head and two-bit politician has thrown down the gun violence gauntlet and Joe Biden has been tasked with solving the problem, Tom is stepping up with his politically incorrect opinions.

Everybody agrees that Newtown was a terrible tragedy, but the problems is incredibly complex and people with differing opinions are still honorable in their beliefs.  Some of this stuff has been talked about before and beaten to death and some not so much.

First of all enough with the gun violence comparisons with out population comparisons with places like Luxembourg.  The United states is one of the top 5 most populated countries in the world and is the most ethnically, racially and religiously diverse population ever known to mankind.  We used to believe in a melting pot, but lately the trend is sub-group pride and the salad bowl concept we groups develop hostility of others.  Much of the gun violence is by black, asian, hispanic and skin head gangs.

The Entertainment Industry and their leaders who want to control others probably deserve some blame with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s outsized guns and violent video games.

The breakdown of the family doesn’t help and unemployment hurts families.  Also there are more latch-key kids than ever before.

Or could it be that kids get Loving cups for everything that they can’t adjust when they get out in the cold cruel world cut off from their parents Health Insurance at 26 years old.

Or maybe it is the violence that is American Football over a more sedate Soccer.  We do love a good hit.

There is a lot of talk about the need for mental health intervention and god knows that the closing of the State mental institutions was an act of incredible cruelty.

The problem for Joe Biden and others is to do something more meaningful that passing an assault rifle ban with loopholes to be exploited from Day 1. Plus Mexico could probably step up to satisfy the demand if the drug trad is any indicator.

Some of this could really infringe on our freedoms.  some perhaps it is time to take a deep breath and really address the whole issue rather than having something to announce at a Press conference in January.

Let the slings and arrows for Tom begin, but no guns please.


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5 Responses to A senseless Tom opines on senseless violence

  1. A lot of the problem in the “conversation” is apples to oranges. I’ve been educating folk on the difference between full-auto, semi-automatic, and bolt-action rifles. We’ve talked about as many different mental orientations of various shooters as there have been shootings.
    There are some VERY practical yet easy steps that could be taken. Nobody really needs an M-16 clone to hunt – the .303 caliber shot of my Lee-Enfield is far better for killing game than the little .223 caliber of an M-16 round. Ban stuff built as, or from, assault rifles. If you can’t hit it in the 10 shots of an Enfield or the 8 of a Garand, you need some SERIOUS target practise. Limit how much ammo to buy at one time. Nobody needs 1000 rounds at one buy. If you do, you’re a gun range – you should have special licensing. And make the rules NATIONWIDE! If you can’t buy a squirt gun in Chicago, but Michigan City Indiana lets you buy 5 AK-47s without any waiting period, you’re only 2 hours away from massive casualties – check out the current murder rate in Chicago to see how poorly a porous firearms policy works.
    You’ll never stop all the killings. Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun. Neither did the 9/11 terrorists. But I use the comparison to cars as a commonsense example – seat belts didn’t end crash fatalities, nor did airbags, nor did anti-lock brakes. But each helped. Do these easy steps, THEN we can work argue over bans of all handguns (won’t happen), or nationwide licenses (maybe, though I’d rather see nationwide DRIVER’S licenses first). One step at a time will get us there – one hyper-emotional leap will only make us ALL sore.

    • tom says:

      You definitely are the voice of knowledge and reason on the issue. But be careful, you may get drafted by Joe Biden for the Task Force.

      • Not a chance. I’m one of them folk what won’t let go of their Bible or their guns. (Why the Bible? You ever HIT somebody with one? Almost better than a gun! Never need to reload! 😀 )

  2. I don’t think any of it has to do with guns, other than they fact guns seem to be the weapon of choice for most of these crazy people. Thank god he Biden a job to do.

    • tom says:

      Yes Biden has had a little lull in the action since the Beer Summit. Give hime some guns to play with to enhance his Street Cred.

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