Biden vs. Pistols and Pumps… Tom declares “Game Over”

Even though the Obama Administration appointed their sexiest and middle class wannabe Joe Biden to head up the “End Guns As We know It” campaign, there could be some fierce competition..  Biden of course is bolstered by the liberal entertainment Industry that just release the Tom Cruise shoot ’em up “Jack Reacher”.

But the opposition is now cresting with the introduction of the Guns and Pumps website and competing website

With offerings like Flash Bang bra holsters, tight compression shorts, camouflage outfits, bullet jewelry and appropriately themed  T-shirts.

While we anxiously await the Biden Report in January,  he may already be way behind the curve(s).


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One Response to Biden vs. Pistols and Pumps… Tom declares “Game Over”

  1. Hmm – gunsandpumps doesn’t seem to be up yet. I think I’ve actually seen the owner of GunsGoddesses on the series “Sons Of Guns” on Discovery! Granted, a pink AK-47 kinda leaves me flat for a number of reasons, but I can see where Joey B. might get a little bit … distracted.
    And you know what? Bra holsters make the same amount of sense as shoving a gun into a guy’s underwear waistband. It only takes one slip. Now, make them cups Kevlar, and we’ll talk! (Well, the wife might – I have no use for female underwear. Um … is it getting warm in here?) 😉

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