Al-Jazeera buys Al Bore’s Current T.V. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Former Vice-President, sore loser and Green nag Al Bore fleeced Al-Jazeera out of a reported  “several hundred $Million” for his Current T.V.  While allegedly watched by 22,000 per day, nobody can find a viewer who is still alive or who will admit to watching.  Even Keith Olbermann had too much talent for Current T.V. and departed in March of last year.

With this subject matter, it may reach my lofty goal supported by google of nobody reading this post.


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5 Responses to Al-Jazeera buys Al Bore’s Current T.V. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Okay, HERE’S a conundrum for you. Al-Jazeera bought Current. But Current is the only station showing Al-Jazeera news. So – are you watching Al-Jazeera on Current, or watching Al-Jazeera on Al-Jazeera’s Current?
    (It’s a trick question. Nobody’s watching, especially since Time-Warner immediately dropped Current upon hearing news of the sale!)

    • tom says:

      Here in the City, Al-Jazeera is already carried for a about 3 hours/day on PBS. So indirecctly, the taxpayers are paying Al-Jazeera who pays Al Gore and he can afford to put another wing on his Red Neck Mansion. So it looks like he was the big winner in 2000.

      • Yeah – Al Gore, Mister Green. With the house 10 times larger than his neighbors, with a per square foot carbon footprint 5 times bigger than THAT!
        Shoot, I burn wood for heat, and I put out a smaller carbon footprint!

      • tom says:

        Let me have an Amen on the Carbon Footprint Brother Erickson. I doubt I will use as much carbon in a lifetime as gore uses in a private jet going to apple board of director’s meetings. Maybe the rich aren’t paying their “fair share”. I recommend the 100% tax rate for Gore.

      • Now THAT will get you an AMEN! 😀

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