Tom clarifies and renames it “Pay It Backward”

With all the sappy news stories about some dipstick “Paying It forward”, Tom is compelled to clarify the concept and renames it “Pay It Backward”.  what these saps are doing is paying for some strangers coffee who is ahead of them in line.

Tom pointed out that “Paying It Backward” is the correct concept and is limited to paying for Tom and his team of Mrs. Tom, TomPa, Busty McTomHo, TommySue, son-in-law Wont GettaJob and Hugo Chavez.  When you see these people behind you, you pick up the tab.  If one is in a new car showroom, you buy them a car.

How you may ask can you recognize Tom.  He is the one in the rearview mirror with the big shit eating grin.


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2 Responses to Tom clarifies and renames it “Pay It Backward”

  1. Oh, is THAT what “pay it forward” means? I thought it was when you’re in the Mickey-Ds drive-thru, and you tell the order taker to charge it to the car in front! You know, “Hey forward! Pay it!”. 😉
    After all, where’s the delight of a surprise in doing something someone expects?

    • tom says:

      I believe that you have captured the fully meaning of this fad. Ever since Charlie sheen paid Lindsey Lohan’s taxes forward we knew it was a joax.

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