Barack O’TomA calls Mitt Tomney to get a “Binder of Women”

Facing a stunning lack of diversity in the senior ranks of his Administration and chiding from Charlie Rangel, Barack O’TomA reached out to Mitt Tomney to get a “Binder of Women” that O’TomA ridiculed so unmercifully during the campaign

With the purging of Hillary Clinton, Lisa Jackson and Hilda Solis from the senior ranks and the proposed addition of two old, rich, white guys Kerry and Hagel, the heat is on.  Could it be that O’TomA failed to compile a “Binder of Women”?  This is a mistake that Bill Clinton never would have let happen.


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3 Responses to Barack O’TomA calls Mitt Tomney to get a “Binder of Women”

  1. Yeah, but unlike Billy, Barack is (supposedly) happily married. Married guys deal with binders full of women at their own, Lorena Bobbitt style risk! 😀

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