Zuckerberg: “We want to disconnect the world”

With today’s report that Facebook lost 14 million active users in the U.S., Mark Zuckerberg has readjusted his goal from connecting the world to disconnecting the world.

Zuckerberg was heard muttering “Does that mean I have to give back all that vapor cash from the IPO and move to TomVille?”


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2 Responses to Zuckerberg: “We want to disconnect the world”

  1. So, what was the big Facebook announcement to the press? That Zuck had finally figured out he’s redundant? 😀
    Naw, he doesn’t have to come up with any money, he made sure he got paid LONG ago. It’s just the crazy gamblers that deservedly lost out – you know, retirees, retirement funds, IRAs, ……

    • tom says:

      I owe my entire existance to mark Zuckerberg. He is my BFF. he is also adding a search feature to Facebook so one can quickly get the accumulated knowledge of idiots.

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