The most exhaustive search in the history of mankind turns up who???

With virtually unlimited resources and casting a worldwide net for the most experienced and credentialed investigative journalists, NBC’s Rock (rocks in their head) Center with Brian Williams turned up who as a recurring correspondent ???? searched the entire country for a photograph of somebody participating in the National Day of Service to feature on the website today.  Who did they find amongst 330 million Americans ???

But of course, the answer to both is Chelsea Clinton.

Who said America is not a meritocracy.


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2 Responses to The most exhaustive search in the history of mankind turns up who???

  1. Isn’t NBC owned by GE, who’s chief guy is so close to the Obamas, they share nail clippers? Besides, if there’s one thing you can say about Clinton women, they know how to talk! 😉 😀

    • tom says:

      Nah GE dumped NBC Universal on Comcast and now NBC is coming back a bit. MSN is tied up with NBC in MSNBC.

      While Hillary can talk thru her football helmet, you haven’t seen that much of chelsea. But her picture did beat the phony Obama Photo Op of Barack and Michelle painting a school bookshelf in business casual attire that cost 10s of Thousands.

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