Brilliant counterprogramming: TomVille State TV schedules Tom’s Coronation against the Inaururation of Barack O’TomA and/or Hugo Chavez

In a bold move TomVille State TV has broken away from wall-to-wall coverage of Chelsea Clinton’s National Day of Service photo ops to cover Tom’s Coronation.  Crack reporters from TomVille Tonight, Access TomVille, Good Morning TomVille and OMG Outsider will cover ever aspect of the Coronation from the ride from his tract house in suburban TomVille to the Church of TomVille  Cathedral (former K-Mart) in a ’62 Chevy Impala 409 convertible low-rider.

It was just last night that Tom realized that being Coroneted as King was so much more efficient that trying to become a dictator.  He then started planning for the 3-day event.  Also in his first act as King, Tom will declare Prince Charles and the ever lovely Camilla as heirs to the throne.  They have about as fat a chance for this crown as they do for England.

Meanwhile mainstream media are all a Twitter over the Inauguration of Dictators Barack O’TomA and Hugo Chavez.  Right now O’TomA is favored over Chavez to appear.

God save the King.

LATE BREAKING NEWS:  Networks may break away for in-depth coverage of Michelle Obama’s bangs

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4 Responses to Brilliant counterprogramming: TomVille State TV schedules Tom’s Coronation against the Inaururation of Barack O’TomA and/or Hugo Chavez

  1. You realise, sir, that if you invite that b… er … female companion of Prince Charles, I WILL have to declare war upon you! Better to inaugurate Chavez – provided you can dig him up (which may actually end up being the case….)! 😀
    Though I will be MORE than happy to be your chauffeur and drive that lovely low-rider from my year of birth. And don’t worry, I’ll keep it warmed up for you. Just, um, well, do me a favour, and don’t pay TOO much attention to what the odometer says, ‘kay? 😉

    • tom says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much about Camilla, she may be taken out by Kate Middleton of the House of Tom in verbal battle. Feel free to live your 62 Chevy Convertible dream. Almost as great as the Buick Convertable that Randy Newman drove in the “I Love LA” video.

      • Naw, I want that Vega (technically, Pontiac Astre) out of “Blue Thunder”. My 1973 could barely get out of its’ own way, yet hers, several model years (and 100s of pounds of protection for the gas tank, to avoid Pinto-like bombs) stayed ahead of SEVERAL LAPD cruisers for several minutes! When they put “science fiction” on the box, they didn’t mean the helo, they meant the dang CAR! 😀

      • tom says:

        I always heard it said, “Chicks dig the Vega”

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