King Tom I toppled by Tom the Terrible

After a brutal 3 day Coronation event marked by Beyoncé accusing him of lip-synching the TomVille Anthem and  others accusing him of lip-synching the Coronation Address that was actually delivered fresh off the teleprompter bitter rival Barack O’TomA, Tom was exhausted.

Sensing an opening, Tom the Terrible and his wing man Hosni Mubarak moved in  for a bloody coup (Tom received a paper cut signing Royal Orders).  Tom the Terrible got a running start with Hosni’s gurney and let it fly right at King Tom I’s knees.  Tom couldn’t fight back as he had to file for SSI Disability right away, so the coup was complete.

Please pray for the citizens of TomVille that they can survive Tom the Terrible.  Lock up your women.



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5 Responses to King Tom I toppled by Tom the Terrible

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Tom the Terrible is a lip-synching mince.

  2. Lock up your women? I thought dictators were queer things…..

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