Is the Administration of Tom the Terrible already in shambles?

As we enter the second day of the Tom the Terrible Administration, rumors have it that Tom the Terrible is already in trouble.  The Secretaries of Labor, Defense, State, Interior, Treasury, Transportation, Defense, and Energy have indicated they are leaving along with Environmental Protection Administrator (czar) and the Chief Trade Negotiator.

Amongst those staying is Secretary of Homeland Security, a known sex symbol, who could steal some of Tom the Terrible’s thunder.  Also Tom’s Personal Secretary may be leaving for unspeakable, but not unthinkable acts.

Fortunately Tom the Terrible has initiated some wildly popular measures.  Honoring the demands from Gay Brothers and Sisters to serve in the Military, the Military is now 99.9% Gay and number almost 100.  Uniforms have been redesigned to reflect the off the shoulder gown stylings of Jason Wu.  Military bands have tripled.  Also reasonable people have agree to the need for reasonable gun control measures for the military which now bans Assault Rifles and magazines of over 1 round.

Asked to comment about the situation in TomVille in a hard-hitting interview conducted by the nation’s Journalist Oprah Winfrey (fresh off her grilling of cyclist Lance Testosterone), Barack O’TomA said that hard-hitting economic sanctions should prevent TomVille from getting the bomb if they don’t already have it.  We will continue these sanctions until the price of gas goes north of $5.00/gallon and/or Tom the Terrible asks for asylum in the O’TomA Administration.

Will the Peoples Democratic Republic of TomVille be able to withstand Tom the Terrible?


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3 Responses to Is the Administration of Tom the Terrible already in shambles?

  1. jay352 says:

    Quite amusing TOM… You know, it doesn’t make sense in all caps

  2. It’s worse than you think. A panel of automotive experts have decided that (GASP) the new Ford truck is BETTER than the GM offering! How long must we endure this savage and brutal mental torture?!?

    • tom says:

      I wouldn’t fret. I believe the Goverment Motors (GM) is just a year behand Ford in their truck product cycle with new trucks due out in summer. I still see Barack O’Toma getting the Noble Prize for Aumotive Engineering and the Noble for single handed taking out binLaden

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