L. Tom Hubbard is still alive and living in TomVille

Today, we have confirmation that L. Tom Hubbard noted adventurer, sea-captain, military hero, prolific screenwriter, author and founder of the Church of Unscientology is alive and living on a hilltop estate in Southern TomVille.  He joins other distinguished residents spotted including Adolph Hitler, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon , Osama bin Laden and Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

L. Tom was discovered by reporters from TomVille Enquirer, TomVille Tonight, Access TomVille and OMG Outsider who were stalking (covering) Tom Cruise in search of a trove of photographs of Suri.  Reporters indicate that while it was generally believed that L. Tom died in 1986, few people in  the know really believed that.  At 101 years old, L. Tom’s mind is as sharp as ever.

L. Tom’s famous book “Diarrhea” helped launch the Church.  Some of the chapters of this Bible include Global Warming, Climate Change, High taxes and the productive economy, Income redistribution builds character, Republicans want to take food off the table of poor folks and Fire and Brimstone (Lithium Ion batteries).

Please send you generous donations to the “Church of Unscientology” in care of Tom @ Swiss Bank Account #1458745


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