Tom takes an option to re-make “Movie 43”

Despite rather savage reviews of “Movie 43” including: “A star-studded turkey”, “Citizen Kane of Awful”, “Aggressively tasteless” and “Zero out of 4 Stars”, Tom jumped at the opportunity to do a re-make because of his flair for tasteless and star worship.

The thought of reuniting Kate Winslet,  Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman, Kate Bosworth, Kristen Bell and Halle Berry amongst other stars is extremely appealing to Tom especially as he plans to produce, direct and star in the re-make.

However, Tom ever the master of the casting couch knows the secret to making the re-make where the original Movie 43 failed.  He is currently negotiating to bring in the ever perfect Scarlett Johansson as the major star allowing her to escape the dreadful stage production “Cat on the Hot Tin Roof”.

Contemplating his strategic vision, Tom wonders what does Scarlett look like in a half slip?  What if there was a wardrobe malfunction?  Will Lindsay Lohan understand?

Besides it provides an opportunity for Tom to teach Gerard Butler a few new moves with the ladies.


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