With Ron Jeremy hospitalized, the Industry reaches out to Tom

With news that Ron Jeremy was hospitalized in critical condition with  an aneurysm, the erotic Industry reached out to Tom to return to action.  Most observers feel that this would be the only way to save the Industry in a time of need.

For the few that don’t recall Tom retired/went out to stud from the industry after a series of blockbuster movies, but left in a cloud of controversy when he ditched the ladies of the Industry for his Lindsay Lohan fixation.  Tom’s films were unique as he had a thin black out rectangle  imposed over his eyes and a huge black out rectangle over his gentiles.   Directors needed a constant supply of actresses to complete each scene.

Contacted by reporters from People Porn Today, Tom said that he is weighing the pros and cons of a comeback.  He indicated that in the intervening years Actresses now have more taboos than NBA players.  If he returns, he will hire Colin Kaepernick’s Tatoo Artist for a complete makeover.  While this could be a little tedious, he does not want to disappoint all the fine actresses in the Industry.  In addition, Tom has always been fascinated by the complicated story lines with their twist and turns created by the Industry’s screenwriters.

Most observers speculate that Tom after a thorough decision process will start shooting by 3 p.m. today.


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  1. Do you think that aneurysm had anything to do with all that blood rushing to his extremely large member all those years?? Just curious! lol

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