Tom, the “Blade Shaver” endorses Pistorius defense

After careful analysis tom “Blade Shaver” declared that Oscar “Blade Runner”, a South African idol, has an iron clad defense to unfounded murder charges in the accidental death of his girl friend who had the audacity of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Any student of Bruce Willis, Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger realize that you go in shooting first and ask questions later.  This was clearly a case of self-defense as burglars most often break into the bathroom as that is where all the valuables are located.

From his Nevada jail cell, OJ Simpson declared that Tom’s analysis was dead on.

Tom, meanwhile, made himself available to Nike for an overpaid marketing campaign to replace Pistorius.


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4 Responses to Tom, the “Blade Shaver” endorses Pistorius defense

  1. I hate to go and bring something as silly as science into all this, but has anybody done a bullet trajectory analysis? I thought he had said he didn’t have his legs on, which would have just a TEENY impact (pun intended) on where the bullets went.
    Or am I being silly and ruining a perfectly good entertainment series again? 😉

    • tom says:

      We don’t want to bog down our national heroes with facts. The Blade runner is OJ, and the Cop taken off the case due to attempted murder charges will play the role of Mark Furman. Facts get too messy and juries can’t understand them anyway.

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