Tom admires the optimism of Barack O’TomA and Joe Btfsplk

Lately Tom has been drawn to the optimism of Barack O’TomA and Joe Btfsplk in describing the devastation of the 2.3% budget cut from the dreaded Sequester.

Much like Joe who ran through the lil Abner cartoons of yesterday with a rain cloud over his head, Barack O’TomA has crisscrossed the country describing the doom from a 2.3% cut after a 14% increase.

No medicine, no teachers, no police, no firefighters no park rangers, no air traffic controllers, just row after row of people sitting in cubicles looking at computers. Will the ranks of Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Deputies, Assistants to the Assistant Secretaries be devastated?

Does anyone know where Tom can score some pristine original cartoon cells of Daisy Mae?

BREAKING NEWS: This just in Chicken Little agrees with Barack.


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3 Responses to Tom admires the optimism of Barack O’TomA and Joe Btfsplk

  1. But how, oh HOW can you still have ANY faith left in this administration, when the President has committed such a HUGE faux pas? His horrific ignorance in the face of a national, nay, a WORLDWIDE institution, born of intellect and FAR outliving any current political leader anywhere, one which has supported him loyally and faithfully through two grueling campaigns and horrific economic times, has destroyed any remaining respect I had for the man. No more can I even pretend to support the current administration with this horrific gaffe, this complete show of respect that has condemned us to defeat in the eyes of the world.
    “Jedi mind meld”? “JEDI mind meld”?!?
    America is doomed! DOOMED, I tells ya! šŸ˜Æ

    • tom says:

      Do I need to awake Carrie Fisher from her stupor to provide a tutorial for the administration or can you handle the task in your spare time?

      Where is Willim Shattner when we need him?

      • You can let sleeping Fishers lie. And Billy is busy yelling at Seth MacFarlane, when he’s not out hawking travel sites with Kaley Cuoco. (Bill has always had great taste in ladies! šŸ˜€ )

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