Barack O’TomA suffers a complete nervous breakdown reading FORBES Richest Persons list

Crisis teams are racing to the White House to see if Barack O’TomA can be exorcised from the catatonic state that he laspsed into while reading the latest FORBES list of richest people.  Some say he was stricken when he saw the top name Carlos Slim of Mexico with a $73 Billion net worth which could virtually wipe out the Sequester.  Plus everybody knows that Slim is not even the richest man in Mexico as most drug cartels have more resources.

OMG, think of the tax revenue as half of the top ten are from the USA.  Plus the Koch Brothers both made the top ten list and George Soros didn’t so the bashing possibilities are endless.

Here is a flavor or the Top 10 if your hearts can take it.  Carlos Slim, $73 Billion; Bill Gates, $67 Billion; Amancio Ortega, $57 Billion; Warren Buffett (love that useful fool) $53.5 Billion; Larry Ellison, $43 Billion; Charles Koch, $34 billion; David Koch, $34 Billion; Li Ka-Shing, $31 Billion; Liliane Bettencourt, $30 Billion; Bernaud Arnault, $29 Billion and Tom $1.47.

Doctors trying to revive Barack kept yelling in Barack’s ear, “You can get Tom”.

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3 Responses to Barack O’TomA suffers a complete nervous breakdown reading FORBES Richest Persons list

  1. Now I realise how the Koch brothers do it. First, one of them claims ALL the money and the other nothing, then the one claiming all also claims his brother as a dependent, cutting in half what he has to pay taxes on, then donates the other half TO his brother, cutting the other half of taxes. Next year, they reverse! No WONDER I’ve never gotten rich, I don’t have a brother (I do have a sister, but I try not to publicly admit it. 😉 )! 😀

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