Hugo Chavez: Tom mourns the passing of a great one

With a heavy heart and tears in his eyes, Tom made a statement on the passing of Venezuelan Man of the People, Hugo Chavez.  Tom duly noted that he was a friend of the Castro Bros. (need I say more) who supported them with oil money that could have been used for the selfish Venezuelan people.  Now that is a true friend.

They say that these tragic deaths come in threes and it could be more true following the untimely deaths of Kim Jon II and Col.  Moammar Gaddafi.  While Hugo’s fashion sense was more reserved, he deserved to be in the same hallowed company as Moammar and Kim.

While will lead the Venezuelan people until 2016 when Hugo Chavez’s Wing Man  Barack Obama becomes available to take over the task.  That is the  question  we all need answered.


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2 Responses to Hugo Chavez: Tom mourns the passing of a great one

  1. See, what Venezuela needs to do is sponsor some 3rd rate US college with a crappy sports team. They’ve already got a whole slew of red, yellow, and blue tracksuits, to the uniform end is covered. Call ’em the Hugos (preferably in a town starting with H), and whenever the team wins (or if), EVERYBODY gets a trophy – socialism at its’ finest! 😀

    • tom says:

      Don’t small towns still have Volunteer firemaen’s Picnics? If they still do that and have bed races, we could use the uniforms and the Hugo bed for racing against the local hospital team.

      With your excellent ideas, we may need you on the CITGO team.

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