Watch out Middle Class: Tom applies for Capitol Janitor Gig

Lost in the Obama Sequester Whopper flap over alleged devastating loss of pay by Capitol Janitors was the nugget that these janitors are paid $49,481/year on the day shift and $51,644/year on the night shift.  This compares to median teacher salaries of $47,100 to $51,180 across the USA.

Tom the Rapper formerly known as Dollar T and fashion consultant to the King of Bling, Col. Moammar Gaddafi, claims he is uniquely qualified for the janitorial gig because he “knows how to lay down a line of wax”.

But wait Tom.  “Did you know that the White House Calligrapher gets  paid $96,725/year?”  intones Ms. Tom.  “Hell, get me the Steve Jobs Turtleneck and Jeans uniform.  I see the beauty of Caligraphy” a breathless Tom chimed in.


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6 Responses to Watch out Middle Class: Tom applies for Capitol Janitor Gig

  1. So basically, you can make the same amount cleaning toilets in the Capitol as you can educating young minds to be future leaders of this country? Interesting.

    • tom says:

      Yes, cleaning up Children’s Pottie mouths and cleaning Potties are equivilent skill sets. Hense equal pay for equal work. I think it is the law.

  2. Dang! The calligrapher makes more than I did after 10 years at the same place, programming computers? Shoot, I was REALLY in the wrong line of work!
    And my wife only makes minimum wage doing janitorial work for our church. She is DEFINITELY underpaid. Though we do get some …. certain, shall I say …. additional material (more properly, materiel) benefits from the job. 😉

    • tom says:

      Yes and much more than I made as a Middle manager with the great State of California. Now you know why I am always so pisssed off. I am like Barack, I envy money and want them to suffer.

      • Well, if you need something to feel better, just remember that the old phrase “Living well is the best revenge” is horsecrap. For me, it’s an aluminum baseball bat, 4 bags of pre-mix concrete, and a 2am boat trip out on Lake Michigan! 😀
        (Um … not like I’ve actually DONE that – well, at least that they’ve been able to convict me for….)

      • tom says:

        I will pass on your well wishes to Al Gore and robin Leach

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