In Bad Boy News, Tom tops The Bieber

Fresh from his extreme makeover of Justin Bieber as a Bad Boy, Tom decides he can’t let this Bad Boy persona go to waste.  The Bieber can’t have all the fun.

Access TomVille has just learned some of Tom’s Bad Boy secrets. Always be late for a date. Insist that your woman dress as slutty as the average teen age girl. Never look her in the eye when you want to leer at her breasts. For a first date take her to a Biker Bar where some of your heavily tattooed exs threaten to rip her dainty butterfly tatoo right out of her skin. Exit only after starting a bar fight and kick over a bunch of motorcycles as you leave.

All this and then some applies when “dating” married women.  Then, it is mandatory that you “cheat” in every possible place in the home to maximize the chances of being discovered by the husband or the kids.

Make sure that she understands that it is her obligation to pay and that she can best show her love by “loaning” money.

Then get her ready for:




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