Pope Francis I makes surprise appearance at TomVille Cathedral as Tom cheers outreach to the rich

Today, Pope Francis I (or was it) made a surprise visit to the TomVille Cathedral AKA TomVille State University (TSU) football stadium.  He had already donned the Justin Bieber gas mask before starting his homily.

In the homily, the new Pope praised the rich and told the poor to get a job.  How are we ever going to pay off all these law suits unless we capture the rich and get more of their money than the government does?

The Pope was especially harsh in his criticism of Barack Obama who he said is only favoring rich green geeks like Al Bore Gore, Forex shufflers like George Soros and other select friends like Jeffrey Immelt of GE (no taxes. big bonus and finding jobs for people leaving the administration) and Fisker of battery car fame.  He told Obama to get behind loopholes for all the rich not just a few of his friends.

The Pope also said that since he is from Argentina, he is a fan of Last Tango in Paris and stressed the need to get Notre Dame back in the BCS Title game.

The Pope will be autographing his pictures in the lobby at $50 per copy.


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