Lindsay Lohan shows her moves entering Rehab

Showing moves not seen since her latest sex tape, Lindsay Lohan dodged Prosecutors and the Judge in ditching Morningside Recovery for her Rehab and entered the Betty Ford Clinic.  this is only her 5th Rehab covering 250 days.  So it is likely she is doing post-production research for her star turn in Liz & Dick.

Or perhaps like her hero Liz, she may score the real Larry Fortensky at the Betty Ford Clinic.    They make such a cute couple.



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4 Responses to Lindsay Lohan shows her moves entering Rehab

  1. Would they be about the same number of years apart in age as Larry was when he met Liz?? He’s not looking so good. . . .

    • tom says:

      Yes, evidently Liz, the Cougar, wore him out. But I think he was well compensted for his efforts. I am not sure if Lindsay has enouhg coin to buy her one.

  2. I hate to say this about your special lady, but LiLo’s turn at Liz is startin’ ta smell a lot like “Ishtar”. Which ain’t good, if you’re downwind…. 😉

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