Tom’s Bitcon takes on the Bitcoin for virtual currency supremacy

Tom is beside himself with thoughts of the prospects of this Bitcon to rival the Bitcoin for virtual currency supremacy.  “This could be the greatest thing since  vaporware.” chortled Tom.

While the Bitcoin has  a pseudonymous developer Satashi Nakamoto, Tom has announced his son-in-law, Wont Gettajob, as the face of the Bitcon.

While the Bitcoin is divided into 100 million smaller units called satoshis, Tom uses the KISS principle, Keep it Simple Stupid, dividing the Bitcon in half (called Lohans) with half for you and half for Tom.

An “open source cryptographic protocol not managed by any central authority”.  Is this not the greatest invention since TomVille?  We need to contact Barack O’TomA right away and see how we can tax this thing.


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2 Responses to Tom’s Bitcon takes on the Bitcoin for virtual currency supremacy

  1. Ya know, between World of Warcraft and Bitcoin, we now have examples of that great Dire Straits’ song. “We got your/Money for nothing and your chicks for free”. 😀
    (I’ll beg your indulgence to skip answering the previous Email notifications I only downloaded Sunday. I still have over 2,000 items to clean outta my inbox, and skipping your stuff, while painful in the short run, will make my life easier in the long run. S’alright?)

    • tom says:

      I’ll see your Bitcoins and raise you 2,000 Bitcoins. Yes, please delete all the previous notifications guilt free as this posting was probably the highlight of the past few months,

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