Al Bore comes out firing with dead aim at Tom

Pausing only to linger over and highlight his Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Bikini pictorial, Al Bore came roaring out of his $9 Million Nashville cabin in a heavy-duty suspension Fisker Karma to accommodate is amble girth and huge wallet.  Bore had his solar-powered Assault Rifle trained right at Tom.  Bore was irate after an earlier blistering Blog by Tom detailed his new-found wealth.

As Tom stood his ground, Bore got right up in Tom’s grill as said “you remember  Richard Nixon put a punctuation when he said ‘I am not a crook’, Well, I am not a hypocrite”.

With that Tom retreated as he was totally defeated.


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4 Responses to Al Bore comes out firing with dead aim at Tom

  1. grankemosabi says:

    alright… that was awesome

  2. Aw, ya gave up too easy. Shoot, him flappin’ his gums adds to global warming. And I’m sure with a keister that broad, there’s GOT to be some kinda greenhouse gas emissions going on! 😉

    • tom says:

      Call Barack beforee it is too late. The gas atttack in Syria may have drifted over from Al Gore’s Cabin. Then again a Red Line may have been crossed.

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