Mitt Tomney to Al Bore: “I need a payday loan”

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, the world’s smartest candidate Barack O’TomA gently chided Mitt Tomney for being too successful, too rich and against the middle class and women.

O’TomA appeared to be borrowing on the themes used by Al Bore in his 2000 Presidential Campaign when Bore was worth $1.3 million.

Flash forward to 2013 and we find out that the master scold Bore is worth North of $200 million with $75 million from serving on the Apple Board and investments in Apple, a $1.2 annual salary for the wildly successful Current TV courtesy of money from Democratic Bag Man Ron Buckle, $20 million from the sale of Current TV, Google consultancy and his share of $218 million in investments (Hedge Fund).

And of course, Bore fields $175,000 from each speaking engagement.  You have to pay for this torture too?

Many have criticized Bore for his huge energy-consuming mansion in Nashville and a life style flying around on jets that consume for fuel that Tom will used in 100 lifetimes.

BREAKING NEWS:  Never mind.   The pictures of Kim Kardashian showing her baby bump in a bikini are out.  She looks marvelous.


LATE BREAKING NEWS:  O’TomA administration announces that they have replaced waterboarding with listening to Bore lectures when interrogating high value suspects.


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2 Responses to Mitt Tomney to Al Bore: “I need a payday loan”

  1. The most infuriating picture popped up several days ago, when the North Koreans announced they were trying that Korean-American tour guide. They dug up the footage of the two Current TV women being released – and standing right behind them is a fat and leering Bore. You know, the slimy fart who sent them INTO North Korea.
    Dude doesn’t need jets. He can just OOZE his way from place to place!
    (By the by, if I must watch baby bumps – God, I hate that phrase! – I’ll watch a royal one, thanks all the same. 😀 )

    • tom says:

      Since Al Gore is putting the al in al jazeera for a $20 million cut, perhaps they will upgrade the programming and resell it to North Korea. I here they have a small carbon footprint.

      Since you prefer Royal Baby bumps, I will have to see if they still have Fergie on file.

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