Diplomacy 101: Rodman does Kim Jong Eun two Solids. Pay it forward

In just a few days Dennis Rodman has accomplished in North Korea what the most wonderful woman the world has ever known, Hilliary Clinton, who spent 4 years accummulating the most frequent flyer miles on any Secretary of State ever, was never able to accomplish..  He did two Solids for young Dear Leader Kim Jon Eun.

The first solid was he liscensed the Rodman look to Kim for exclusive rights in North Korea.

The second solid is Denis arranged for his Celebrity Apprentice Mentor Donald “The Donald” Trump to be the spokesmodel for Kim Jong Eun’s new hair stylings.

Kim promised Dennis that he would pay these Solids forward.  Consequently he immediately announced that he was sending an ICBM Missile
Solid and a Nuclear bomb Solid to Barack O’Toma.

Barack O’TomA promised to divert the North Korea Solids and Pay Forward a Drone Strike Solid at Congressman Darrell Issa who crossed a Red Line by criticizing the Administration’s handling of the Benghazi matter.

OTomA chortled that if Tom was collateral damage in the Drone attack on Issa “so be it”.


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2 Responses to Diplomacy 101: Rodman does Kim Jong Eun two Solids. Pay it forward

  1. I think I’d ask for the “solid” – both of them – to be sent to Donald Trump. Preferably with the rocket motors lit and the nuke fuse live….

    • tom says:

      Actaull the fine residents of Newport Beach payed Dennis a Solid and Payed forward his trip to North Korea just to get him out of town.c Services and the State Dept. can absorb the sequester Cut. I am thinking they would continue to pay so we may have free Diplomati

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