Tom lauds IRS for extra customer service on non-profit status application

Tom has been profuse in his praise of the IRS for their outstanding customer service and attention to detail in his 501(c)(4) application for tax exempt status for the TomVille Freedom Constitutional, Government Spending, Debt, Taxes and Death TEA Patriot organization.  Tom has long been a staunch supporter of  selective enforcement of IRS rules.  This is an American tradition that goes back to Nixon.  In addition, the additional scrutiny speaks loudly to why we can afford to sequester one thin dime of IRS funding.

BREAKING NEWS: Nude pictures of Tom at the IRS office have just hit the Internet..




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2 Responses to Tom lauds IRS for extra customer service on non-profit status application

  1. Lemme guess – that shot above IS the nude photo of Tom at the IRS. 😉
    And I really hate to break this to you, but selective tax enforcement goes back WAY before Nixon. I understand Henry Ford got to … shall we say … creatively depreciate … the assets at Willow Run, as a thank you for building B-24 bombers. (Ya gotta love ol’ Henry. He built stuff for the Nazis AND the Americans. Definitely a supporter of equal working rights, regardless of race or creed or side! 😀 )

    • tom says:

      Correct on the Nude photo. That is as cloise as i will ever get to a sex tape. I didn’t know that poor old Henry Ford was on such a hot streak until the Desel.

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