Question of the Day: Is even Tom too smart to be a Network TV Programming Executive?

Legendary dullard Tom is contemplating the possibility that  his dream of being a Network TV Programming Executive may be ruined by being too smart for the job.

Just this week, NBC and Fox have announced their upfront programming for advertisers.  Fox is consumed with trying to save a rapidly declining 12-year-old American Idol with new judges.  Even Tom would be hard pressed to find somebody more irrelevant and irritating than Nicki Minaj.  Add to this a new drama Almost Human, a police drama set 35 years in the future.  Talk about niche programming.

NBC rapidly sinking into last place again this year is highlighting “Sean Saves the World” about a divorced gay Dad.   Another show “Crisis” is about wealthy student in a captured bus.  Another “Believe” is about  a young girl with special powers.  This stuff is definitely niche programming.

At least with cable, one can cut the cord to save oneself. 

I know “I Love Lucy” stole all the good plots, but even plagiarism would be refreshing.

BREAKING NEWS:  Attention Editors, Snooki just posted photos of her fitting back into her old clothes.  This is amazing.



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4 Responses to Question of the Day: Is even Tom too smart to be a Network TV Programming Executive?

  1. Just more reasons why I don’t have satellite or cable!

    • tom says:

      No satellite or cable here either. Even free YV is too expensive. Probbably telling me that I should be doing something more useful with my life.

  2. My satellite (the only way to get TV – nothing over the air in this wilderness, and the cable company went bust decades ago) is pretty much locked on either History Channel, Military Channel, BBC America, or Chiller for the repeats of “Outer Limits” and “Twilight Zone”. The only network I get even slightly close to is our Fox affiliate, only because they carry Simpsons, Family Guy, and Big Bang Theory. As far as I’m concerned, network TV died when they cancelled “The A-Team” and “Miami Vice”. (Hey, you know what a fossil I am! 😀 )

    • tom says:

      Good News. i have extablished a non-profit to pay for your cable. It is the Erickson Patriot TV T Party fund. I have submitted the application to the IRS and you should be enjoying the Housewives of Jersey Shore in 2-3 years.

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