Barack O’TomA rolls out the “I don’t no nuthing” defense

Observers were in awe as Barack O’TomA, the smartest man ever to occupy the White House, seamless shifted from it is all George W.’s fault to “I don’t no nuthing” about Benghazi, IRS and AP subpoenas.

On the Benghazi talking points and  related matters, O’TomA said that “I was in Vegas Baby and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  Case closed.

Regarding the extra customer service that the IRS gave to conservative groups applying for tax exempt status, O’TomA said that he missed the new last year when the IRS Commissioners were call in on the carpet by Congress.  “How could I do anything when I missed the story”

On the secret subpoenas for AP phone records, O’TomA said he didn’t no nothing because he only talks to his Attorney General and Eric “Hold Em” Holder already said he recused himself and knows nothing.  But Holder did say it was to protect the American people from grave peril so somebody might have known something.

Why am I writing this Blog? “I don’t know”



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  1. Why am I picturing the Three Stooges who, when asked who did something, all point both left and right and yell “He did it!”? 😀
    Me, I’m voting for the ghost of Richard Nixon. He’s getting back at the commentators for their constant use of the phrase “Nixonian”. 😯

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