Memorial Day and the Army Anthem

If you hear the Army Anthem on Memorial Day, it is OK to applaud, but don’t forget the true meaning of the Day:  BBQ, Blockbuster Movies and the Unofficial start of Summer.
 Thanks to all the Veterans who served and those who wanted to serve but couldn’t.
Over hill, over dale,
We will hit the dusty trail,
And those Caissons go rolling along.
Up and down, in and out,
Counter march and left about,
And those Caissons go rolling along,
For it’s high high he,
In the Field Artillery,
Shout out your “No” loud and strong,
For wher-e’er we go,
You will always know,
That those Caissons go rolling along.

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8 Responses to Memorial Day and the Army Anthem

  1. Have you ever heard the hymn that they wrote for the US Army for the film of “We Were Soldiers”? Technically, the Army doesn’t have a song over its’ entirety, “Caissons” being (technically) just for the Artillery (cannon cockers, as they are irreverently known). The Navy has “Eternal Father, Strong To Save” and the USAF has “Wild Blue Yonder”, but when they went to shoot “Soldiers”, they found the Army lacked one, and they wanted it for the closing credits. They wrote and recorded it, using a number of Army soldiers for the chorus. One member was in charge of the carillon at West Point, and told Mel Gibson she was going straight from the recording session to the Point, and going into the tower to play the bells. The Army happily accepted it shortly thereafter!

    • tom says:

      Haven’t heard that one. For a long time I envied the Navy, Air force and Marine song. Since more people have served in the Army thought the odds were better for an outstanding Army song. but alas, I have mellowed to the Army song even if I wasn;t artillery

      • Oh, Lord help me, PLEASE tell me you’re not armoured! I already HAVE one tanker in my life, and that’s two too many! :p

      • tom says:

        Rest Easy, I was infranty. But I was assigned for about 10 months to 4.2 mortars wheich is dangerously close to Artillary, but they never trusted me near a tank.

      • 4.2s WERE the artillery for the gropos. You do realise they were originally built to toss chem rounds, right? I never did understand why we didn’t use them more, especially in Nam. The Russian 120mms are REAL bears, they can tear stuff up GOOD. The Germans never cared for mortars – they stuck to 50mm and “heavy” 81mm, we stuck with the little 60mm (and some 81mm), the Brits never went over 3″! (All World War 2 info, mind you – I’m not as up on my post-war weaponry.) The Japanese LOVED the little 50mm ones – problem was, their name was “thigh mortar” meaning to be carried on the thigh, but they had a curved baseplate that happened to fit over an American’s thigh rather nicely, as so got translated as “FIRED from the thigh”. This would usually result in a broken femur, and QUICKLY resulted in official memoranda to NOT fire them from a kneeling position for ANY reason! 😀
        And my parents feared my college education would be wasted! (My bachelor is in CompSci……) 😉

      • tom says:

        OK, here is a scoop on 4.2 which probably has already started a Leak Investigation. They did ship us so old tear gas rounds for the 4.2 but they were old and we didn’t have a Fire direction Book for their range. They told us to calabrate off the high explosive rounds. We did and the first volly tear gassed our own troops. Probably why they weren’t used in viet Nam.

      • Oh, jeez, man! Haven’t you learned that when somebody in command tells you “Oh, it’s just like X”, it is the complete and TOTAL opposite of X? I’m surprised it didn’t go off in the tube and gas y’all!
        You want another great idea? The Allied armies were stuck breaking out of the Normandy beach-head. Somebody had the bright idea to utilise B-17s, B-24s, and Lancasters to bomb front-line German positions. “It’ll be like a real heavy artillery bombardment!” You know what it accomplished? It did help with the breakout, flipping a number of 50-ton Tigers onto their backs. It also killed the highest-ranking officer ever lost in combat, a 1-star (if I recall correctly – might’ve been a 2).
        And an armoured Humvee is just like a Bradley or a Stryker. Right until that IED goes boom!

      • tom says:

        So the bad news is that I am Exhibit A for military stupidity. The good news is that there are Exhibits B, C, D E andetc.

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