Zynga CEO lays blame for 18% staff layoff directly on TomVille

In an unusually blunt assessment miracle Zynga CEO Mark (lean out) Pincus laid the blame for a 18% staff layoff directly on Tom and his TomVille franchise.  Pincus said that they were flying high with FarmVille and CityVille when they bought the TomVille franchise.  Pincus said flat-out it was the worst acquisition since OMG POP.

Tom has tried to reinvigorate the TomVille game with virtually no success.  New games such as “Give Me Your Money”,  “Bitcon with Bitcoin”, “Dictator Fashion Icons” and “Urban Spelling Bee” just have not caught on.  Tom is starting to think that the new games are too sophisticated for the audience or need to go mobile, .i.e., played during high-speed police pursuits.

In the meantime, Tom is hunkered down counting all the cash that he fleeced Pincus out of when he sold TomVille to Zynga.


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2 Responses to Zynga CEO lays blame for 18% staff layoff directly on TomVille

  1. But wait – if they laid off 18%, that means they KEPT 82% of the business. So actually, you were 82% successful – that’s a solid B! And if you factor in depreciation and inflationary costs, it’s even less. I think Pincus is just looking for a fall guy to catch him, if his golden parachute fails! 😀

    • tom says:

      I like the way you think. Let’s get an Angel investor fro TomVille and and then do an IPO. It worked for General Motors.

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