Turkey’s Erdogan: ” Damn It, I am a Dictator , too”

Claiming that he isn’t getting any respect during Turkey’s riots, Premier , Recep Tayyip (E-Rap) Erdogan said “I am a Dictator, too”.  With this announcement he joined the ranks of the “Button Down” Dictators  that we know and love such as: Hosni Mubarak, Bashar al Assad, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, and Barack (Executive Order, Recess Appointment) O’TomA.

While he is joining a well-loved and prestigious , they do not reach to fashion icon status like Col. Moammar Gadhafi, Kim Jong Eun, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Don’t worry E-Rap, you will develop you own style.  I am recommending the male burka for starters.


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