Tom announces the availability of “Justin Bieber Driving School” franchises

Today Tom announced at a Grand Opening in Pacoima that Justin Bieber Driving School franchises are now available.

These Driving Schools are obviously the answer to every parents’ prayer who dreaded teaching their teens how to drive. While Tom acknowledged that the Harvard like tuition of $45,o00 per class may seem steep, teens are being taught to speed in Ferrari F430, Cadillac CTS-V, Fisker Karma and Porsche Turbos.  Collateral damage is to be expected.

Also unbeknownst to the SEC and FTC monitoring monopolies and anti-trust, Tom has structured a private equity deal to take over the Lindsay Lohan Driving School.  While slightly less pricy, students will learn to crack up Mercedes, lie to cops and look marvelous in a tight sweater.


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2 Responses to Tom announces the availability of “Justin Bieber Driving School” franchises

  1. She needs to do something to bring in some money so she can afford more Botox & Juvederm!!

    • tom says:

      It is hard to run an empire and/or make a buck for this from Rehab. But gotta hand it to LiLo, she keeps on trying.

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