PEDs: Tom loads up to improve Blog performance

Seeing the magic bullet that Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED) have done for the performance of Lance Armstrong, A-Roid, Ryan Braun and 20 others from Major League Baseball, Tom is loading up in a desperate attempt to improve his Blog performance.

With newly muscular typing fingers, Tom can Blog 24/7 at the highest performance levels.

And with PEDs, Tom will have the mental reasoning capacity and personality  of a Barry bonds in his prime.

Bring them on.  What could possibly go wrong?  I see a Grand Slam Blog in the near future.



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5 Responses to PEDs: Tom loads up to improve Blog performance

  1. Numero Uno reason to stay away from the ‘roids?? They make your pee pee shrink!!!

    • tom says:

      True, but as they said during the last steroid era, “Chicks dig the long ball” and the money, Too, lol

  2. LOVE it…But if Tom talks about himself in the 3rd person then he’s obviously an NFL fan and a Ray Lewis or Ochocinco joke should be used somewheres…

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