Sears…RIP ?

This is an American tragedy, the unraveling of a great Brand, Sears.

Since Hedge Fund guru Eddie Lambert of ESL Holding fame took over in a buy out by K-Mart and Lampert, Sears has gone down hill.  Sales are down, profits are down, losses are up.  Management is in turmoil.

Now we learn that one of their main franchises, Kenmore is losing market share to Home Depot and Lowe’s and the Kenmore brand has been eclipsed by Whirlpool and G.E.

It hurts to see this happen.

I would love to finish this Blog post, but I have just learned that Eva Longoria is single again and she may need some major rebound comforting.  (Got to keep your priorities in order is what Eddie Lampert taught me)

Thank you for shopping Sears



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