Customer Service Hall of Shame: Square and the merchants that use it join Verizon Billing and Staples

It takes a lot to get into Tom’s Customer Hall of Shame, but Square (Anyone can accept credit cards)  walked right in with only one encounter.  Previous entrants Verizon and Stapes had to work up to horrendous service.  Askyo urself ifi tis agoodide   a foran ybody regardless or IQ or training to have access to your credit cards.

We tried to buy something at the Secret Garden in Laguna Beach and the woman there  was fiddling about with a cell phone and a mini credit card reader.  When she had somebody else’s email, phone number and credit card number and couldn’t provide a credit card receipt (trust us we will email or text a receipt to you), it was time to cancel the transaction and head for the hills.  She made 3 attempts to cancel the transaction.

However as of today, the transaction stills shows pending so it appears that now I will have to go to the credit card company to get this reversed.

I know the Square hustle involves less processing fees for the merchant and diverting receipt costs to the customer.  However, you get what you pay for and this system could quickly ruin your business.

We standard credit card purchasing, you have a virtual fool-proof system.

I don’t know if the problem is with Square system or the lack of training, but for now I would not  recommend anybody buying anything from a merchant using Square.  Square is the brain child of Twitter creator Jack Dorsey (need I say more – just think of the $Billions in lost productivity) .  The guy is trying to ruin us and it is working.

By the way, where in the hell is the Consumer Financial Proction Bureau (CFPB) while this outrage is going on.  Oh yeah, they are miocromanaging your credit card statement to add page after page of trivia.


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