Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Tom (Loser): I won’t negotiate

Fresh from highly successful negotiations with North Korea, Taliban, Iraq, Russia, Iran, Libia, Egypt and Syria,  Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack O’TomA hit the campaign trail to publically tell Tom (Nobel Peace Prize Loser) that he won’t negotiate on funding the government and adjusting the debt ceiling.

It seems that feedback that he is getting from NSA and IRS is that Tom maybe a member of the ultra radical right-wing nut Tea Partiers Party.  This group is known by government agencies to have hoisted a lot of Long Island Ice Teas.


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3 Responses to Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Tom (Loser): I won’t negotiate

  1. You, a wing-nut? And here, I just thought you had a few loose screws…..
    (I’m gettin’ to ya, pal. It’ll take a bit, but I’ll get there! 😀 )

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