Power + Money = Hot

Like Barack and Hasan, Tom thinks that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is so hot.  She has world leaders and the EU eating out of her hand.  Her pant suits are bursting with power.

But going back to 2008 or so,there has never been anybody hotter than former FDIC Chairperson Sheila Bair.  Not only did she have so much power, she was swimming in FDIC money.   Now that his off the scale hot.

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2 Responses to Power + Money = Hot

  1. Christina Kirchner (?) of Argentina is pretty nice looking, but a first class …. well, I won’t say it, to avoid insulting female dogs around the world! 😉 I wanna say there’s a minister – not prime, like defence or commerce – in Norway that’s smokin’. Have to do some research to confirm that. My favourite? A lady over in Israel, who actually came darn close to being PM. Her name? Tzipi Livni, pronounced Zippy. C’mon – how can you NOT love a lady whose first name is Zippy?!? 😀

    • tom says:

      Kirchner may be slipping in the power axis. There is also somebody in Brazil.. You leave me with much research and all the USA can offer is Hillary Clinton.

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