Tom threatens to shut down the Government

Appearing on all 124 Sunday Morning political shows, Tom threatened to shut down the Government.  Tom was flanked by Teddy “Cruisers” Cruz and the infamous ever evil Koch brothers when he called out POTUS Barack O’TomA for refusing to negotiate on Tom’s proposal to de-fund the U.S. Board on Geographic Names as the price to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR).

A bruising battle was expected.

The TomVille Tattler has just learned that Tom may have to defer shutting down the Government as the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s post baby curves as shot at the Paris Fashion Show have just been posted.  There is no knowing the amount of time that will be involved in researching and validating these pictures.


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3 Responses to Tom threatens to shut down the Government

  1. All 124? That’s IT? You MUST have missed a few. Betcha forgot about Al Gore-ia … er … Al-Jazeera! 😉

    • tom says:

      You are right, I forgot about Al Gore Jazeera since they stopped broadcasting on the local PBS station when he sold Current. Actually they did a pretty good newscast, much superior to the networks.

      The good news is that Barack has convinced me that the Us Board on Geographic names is essential. It seems that they recently renamed the State of Ohio to “The Ohio State”

      • I have to agree, I’ve been VERY impressed with the quality, and more importantly the impartiality, of AJ America. And they’re a news station that actually shows news – unlike CNN!
        And from watching the news programming around here, OSU is about the only growth industry in Columbus. I think the economic “creeping crud” is sliding down from Cleveland. The only good news in the rising economically-related crime rate is, if it gets really bad, there’s always the M1 Abrams factory over in Lima looking for business… 😉

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