ScarJo reveals low SAT scores; And nobody cares

Scarlett Johansson just reveals her how SAT scores.  1080 out of 1600.

Nobody cares.


Tom says she needs to stay after school.




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5 Responses to ScarJo reveals low SAT scores; And nobody cares

  1. Meh. She’s pretty enough, but she never really did anything for me. Now if it were Jessica Biel, we’d be talking months of detention! (Okay, fine, probably only 3 days would kill me, but what a heck of a way to go! 😉 )

    • tom says:

      How fast you ditched katherine Zetta Jones now that she is crazy and available. I think my SAT scores were lower that ScarJo so I must have been pretty back then or was it that Wisconsin used the ACT scores for admission.

      • I gotta abandon Catherine, ’cause the rumour has her going back to Mikey. And there’s no way I can compete with all those waddles, much less the wrinkles! 😀
        To be honest, I don’t even remember what my SATs were. Very good, but not Ivy League great. Didn’t end up mattering a bit – my school of choice had their own stringent acceptance policy of enough money and a pulse. 😉

      • tom says:

        But it is only Mike D. pushing that reconsiliation rumor. I have contacted Oprah for your Big Reveal that you are a Legacy (money)

      • A legacy, as in money? Rats! I was hoping to be a legacy to Delta Tau Ki! 😉

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