Putin to negotiate deal to end Government Shutdown

With Barack O’TomA poised to carpet bomb the House Republican Caucus for refusing to honor his “No Negotiation” pledge on the budget and debt limit and the Government Shutdown ready to enter its second week, Vladimir Putin is ready to work his Syria magic to resolve this sticky matter.

Putin has agreed not to supply any more rhetorical weapons to Barack and demanded that the Republicans list all their policy initiatives so they can be neutralized by the International Community.

If for some reason Barack doesn’t get a second Nobel Peace Prize, everybody is rooting for Vladimir to get the Prize.

In an official statement on the agreement, Barack said, ” If there is collateral damage to the Tea Party, so be it.”


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2 Responses to Putin to negotiate deal to end Government Shutdown

  1. I’m kinda leaning toward one fully loaded SS-18, all 10 warheads right on DC. Get rid of the whole corrupt government AND one of the most crime-ridden cities in America, all in one fell swoop! Besides, I’m sure Putin could spare one or two.

    • tom says:

      Beware… With all the Gasbags in D.C. the gas there may be even more lethal that Assad’s stash. Putin may need to oursourse the project to the Castro Bros.

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