Tom offers Treasury a Pay Day Loan

Tom just got off the horn with Chief Worry Wart Treasury Secretary Jack Lew with good news on how Treasury can solve the Debt Limit crisis.

Tom, the Czar of the TomVille Easy Money Store, offered an off the books option where the Easy Money Store makes Pay day Loans to Treasury until the Debt Ceiling problem is solved.  Other services that may interest Treasury are the services of TomVille’s premiere Pawn Shop or Loan services from the local chapter of the TomVille Mafia.

Tom assured Jack that whatever option he choses, he is in good hands with Tom.

Psst Jack, you want to buy some watches?

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2 Responses to Tom offers Treasury a Pay Day Loan

  1. I don’t know about watches, but I CAN get you a really good deal on some M-1 Abrams and M-2 Bradleys. Lightly used, one owner, low mileage, some cordite fumes and surface scratches. Just what any good dictator needs! (Just watch out for the shipping and handling charges – I understand UPS charges a bloody fortune to get stuff from A-stan to the US! 😀 )

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