Tom cozies up to Janet Yellen, Fed Chief Nominee

Tom immediately reached out to Janet Yellen after her nomination to be the Federal Reserve Chairman.  Tom was lavish in his praising even going to far as this was the very best of a long line of stellar nominations by Barack O’TomA.

First order of business will be to sell TomVille Sewer bonds to the Fed as they have the potential to be even more worthless than the US Treasury bonds the Fed is currently buying to the tune of $85 Billion/month.

Viva Janet !!

In the background on a live mic, Tom was overheard barking “Get that dog Larry Summers out of here.”


Not a Babe



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2 Responses to Tom cozies up to Janet Yellen, Fed Chief Nominee

  1. Ya know, ya just gotta love the DC gang. Syria – yes, civil-war-torn, 100k-dead, 2-million-exiled, bombed-to-crap Syria – has a government fully funded, and with all its’ bills paid.
    Ya know, I think I just figured out a real-cheap two-fer. Take all those chemical weapons, ship ’em over here, and drop ’em on DC. We get rid of all the bad stuff from Syria, AND get a shiny clean capitol to repopulate with people who actually have more than two grey cells to rub together. Bombs away! 😀

    • tom says:

      Could it be that only Dr. Strlvester Stallone.angelove or Bashir Assad can straighten things out. Or this a job for a higher power, Sy

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