Chief KnowItAll Costas joins Barack in bringing down Redskins

Famous Native American Chief Bob “KnowItAll” Costas took to the Sunday Night Football C’s SNF to call out Redskin name supporters as narrow-minded.

Who in the world asked this Windbag to opine on this subject?  Fine, he has his opinion.  But what about equal time for the majority of the people who either support the Redskin name or don’t give a damn?

I for one was looking for a football game not some overblown discussion of political correctness.

Come to t abohinkut it, what exactly is Costas’ contribution to SNF besides drawing a big paycheck and serving as MC for Tony Dungy.  Perhaps NBC is just trying to get some minimal work out of a guy with an outsized contract.


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2 Responses to Chief KnowItAll Costas joins Barack in bringing down Redskins

  1. I heard the best line so far about the Redskins’ name change. They definitely need to change their name due to the shameful connection – call them the Arlington Redskins, ’cause using the town name of Washington is VERY shameful! 😀

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