Mark Cuban, Hero

Thank god for Mark Cuban and his giant stash of cash.  He fought and won an abusive case of insider trading brought by the government.

Here is to all the little guys who didn’t have the resources to fight a government with unlimited legal resources and had to settle.

Here is to all the little guys who have received angry lawyer cease and desist letters threatening to sue and bring financial ruin.

We really don’t need these unethical lawyers.  We need more Mark Cubans to stand up to these legal goons.


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2 Responses to Mark Cuban, Hero

  1. Hey, Shakespeare had the right idea – put all the lawyers on a boat, take ’em out and sink ’em! And while I have ducked a traffic ticket or two thanks to suits, they cost me pretty dear for VERY little effort on their part. Besides, politicians just have bizarre ideas. Lawyers turn ’em into the twisted insanity we call laws!

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