ET call home. Tim Tebow call the Pack

In the most important phone call since ET called home, Tom is calling on Tim Tebow to call the Green Bay Packers.  With Aaron Rodgers out with injury and Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien now quarterbacking, the situation is grim and ripe for a Tebow miracle.


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5 Responses to ET call home. Tim Tebow call the Pack

  1. You know what you guys need? A dance craze, like the Macarena, to celebrate Tebow. Then the whole country can “Go Tebow” and save the Peckers … er … Packers. 😉
    (Yeah, I’m back. Lotsa BS, little fun, including a week of migraines. Fun – NOT!)

  2. when ET called hone said “TELEFONO, CASA” in Italian…how did it say in English?

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