The Necklace

Is it the necklace?

Or something else?

I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when SueCar had me re-clasp her necklace.  Her look.  I could feel the closeness.

Nothing so subtlety calls attention to beautiful breasts as the necklace.

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5 Responses to The Necklace

  1. Yep – made with semi-precious stones from the Grand Canyon! 😉 (If you don’t like that, how about “Somebody needs a very narrow paint brush and some lime-coloured paint. Then we could re-create “How green was my valley.” 😀 )

    • tom says:

      So that was you at the craft show taking everybody’s money. Thought it was prescious stones and turns out it was gravel.

      • Hey, we got a load of large-sized rock fill dumped over some drainage pipe in front of our house. I’ve pulled several rose quartz chunks big as your fist out of it, and a half-dozen types my limited geology knowledge doesn’t recall. Plus some shale that’s crumbled into beautiful hole-filling flakes. Now if I could just find a diamond or chunk of gold…. 😀
        (And count yourself lucky – I was gonna claim that I had tumble-polished some of that stuff, so I could give you rock-n-roll, but decided to relent at the last minute. 😉 )

  2. Sure, it’s the necklace, which was probably purchased with a five finger discount.

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