Tom hires Navigators to pump up Truth According To Tom

With enrolments in the Truth According to Tom blog flagging, Tom is rolling out the Navigator program.  Based on the incredibly successful model of the Affordable Care Act  (O’TomA Care) Navigators, these highly qualified community organizers will fan out across TomVille and cyberspace to pump up enrolments.

Of course the initial wave of Navigator hiring will be made from a select pool of Tom’s contributors, and Tom’s close friends and relatives.  Each Navigator will be issued a scout knife, a compass and a Commodore 64 PC.

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3 Responses to Tom hires Navigators to pump up Truth According To Tom

  1. Actually, I got a scout knife and a compass, and don’t really want the Commodore. Now, if you could drum up an Apple 3 with the emulator to run Apple II software, ya might have something there! 😀
    (I was worried you were gonna start handing out Lincoln Navigator SUVs. You really don’t need to lose any more readers! 😉 )

    • tom says:

      Because you are so loyal and adverse to the Lincoln Navigator, we have arranged to get you a Ford Expedition from the Secret Service Motor Pool. Sorry all the Suburbans are in service.

      • Yeah … there’s a couple black Suburbans outside my house right now. One’s even got a dish on top…. Um, I think I’m gonna sign off for a bit. Hope to see you soon! 😯

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