Quack! Quack!…I’m Back

Chief of the Thought Police Tom is celebrating his total victory over Phil Robertson as A & E issued a Press Release that old Phil is back without further a do or apologies.

Since Phil was expressing his views in his beloved crude language and really didn’t denigrate anybody, this was one of Tom’s most challenging cases.  That and the fact that Duck Dynasty is by far the most popular show on cable may have influenced Tom as he beat a strategic retreat.

In the future Tom advises everybody to clear all speech with him before forming their thoughts.

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6 Responses to Quack! Quack!…I’m Back

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    • tom says:

      Krauthammer still has a batting average that would get him in the Hall of Fame

      • thirdnews says:

        Tom, Krauthammer is suffering from the delusions of deipnosophy. and we are but receiving the analects.

        It saddens me that he is treating symptoms of a disease, and not addressing the root cause -he too thinks we are that stupid -It is the curse of the privileged

        The reality of the Republican party is that the are not much different that the Democrats, they are ‘taking care of the little people’ -how sad they don’t know we are truly living

  2. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, when are ya gonna learn? There IS no such thing as bad publicity! (I also smell a conspiracy between A&E and Cracker Barrel, but I might use that for a blog post some time. 😀 )

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